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Nitrous sedation, commonly known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety and discomfort during dental procedures. By inhaling this gas through a mask, you’ll experience a calming effect, which can make your dental visit more relaxing and comfortable.

Why Should I Get Nitrous Sedation?

Choosing nitrous sedation can greatly improve your dental care experience, especially if you feel anxious or nervous about treatments. It's a convenient option that helps ease discomfort and fear, allowing you to receive necessary care with peace of mind.

Great for Various Procedures
Quick Onset and Adjustable
No Lasting Effects

How It Works

Treatment Process


Pre-Procedure Assessment

Your dentist will evaluate your health history and discuss your anxiety levels to determine if nitrous sedation is the right choice for you.


Administration of Nitrous Oxide

A comfortable mask is placed over your nose, and you'll start to inhale the nitrous oxide gas. The amount is carefully controlled to suit your needs.


Monitoring and Adjustment

Throughout the procedure, your dentist monitors your response to the gas and adjusts the sedation level to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed.

Smile Transformations

After ImageBefore Image

Smile Improvement

After ImageBefore Image

Smile Makeover


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